Current Water Level   (Updated 05/28/16 4:27 pm)

Caution : 194.7' | What is this?


This is the current water level of Lake Lillinonah. Our safety indicator should be used as a guideline only; higher lake elevations cause more floating debris. Always use caution and watch out for floating debris when navigating Lake Lillinonah.

Safest: below 194'
Debris presence unlikely - safe for recreational use.

Caution: 194' to 195'
Debris possibly present - caution advised.

Use Extreme Caution: above 195'
Debris likely present - dangerous.

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High Water warning for May 20-22

Posted: May 17, 2016

Please be advised that we have received notification that Engie, the new owner of Lake Lillinonah, may be raising the lake level to its upper limits this weekend in conjunction with maintenance at the Derby Dam.  Please use caution if you’re on the lake this weekend; there is always a floating debris hazard on Lake Lillinonah, especially when the water level is above 195.5’ NGVD.  Please see below the forwarded email notification we received:

—————Forwarded message—————
From: “Wood, Brian”
Date: May 16, 2016 7:46 PM
Subject: High water this weekend?
To: “Greg Petriccione”

Hey Greg,
Please provide this to all your contacts, FirstLight Will be providing for the Derby Dam as we have in the past an opportunity to restore their flash boards prior to the Memorial Day holiday.  (Lake Housatonic)

FirstLight we will be holding water back in elevation, as needed, in compliance with our FERC license. You guys as our neighbors may see water elevations at the Shepaug Dam at our upper limit, these regulated operating levels will be well within our FERC limits.

We wanted to let you guys know why, when and where we are doing what we are doing.
Thanks, its always tough to run a river, and charge every iPhone at the same time!
Brian D. Wood
Land Manager
FirstLight Power Resources
143 West St. Suite E
PO Box 5002
New Milford, CT 06776

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