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Safe for Recreational use : 189' | What is this?


This is the current water level of Lake Lillinonah. Our safety indicator should be used as a guideline only; higher lake elevations cause more floating debris. Always use caution and watch out for floating debris when navigating Lake Lillinonah.

Safest: below 194'
Debris presence unlikely - safe for recreational use.

Caution: 194' to 195'
Debris possibly present - caution advised.

Use Extreme Caution: above 195'
Debris likely present - dangerous.

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FirstLight Power provides news of the lake level

Posted: October 20, 2015

Friends of the Lake has receive the following communication from FirstLight Power regarding the lake level: 

“The low flows of 500 cfs (cubic feet per second) are slowly refilling the pond. We are almost back up to min pond. 195.5’.  The drawdown for Lake Zoar begins on Friday and hopefully this will allow inflows to restore the pond to normal operating levels. We are in a pretty severe drought.”

This helps explain why the lake has been so low since the hurricane threat several weeks ago.  FLP is required to maintain a minimum flow through each dam, and the flow coming from up-river has not been enough to gain elevation as a result of that requirement.  Many boats are still stranded; let’s hope that the water will rise before the next cold spell sets in.

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